The Effects of Alcohol Addiction


Too much of everything is dangerous. It is not healthy to take excess measure of alcohol per day. The intake of one glass of wine after the meal does not affect your health.It helps in digestion of food. The pleasure of alcohol is only taking a limited sip per day. If you are not able to discipline yourself to take glass or less per day, it will be good you stop it.The cumulative effects of drinking wine, or other type of alcohol leads to an inability to stop drinking and controlling yourself. Alcohol obsession makes you a prisoner and your time and mind is concentrated to it. Alcohol addiction has utter effects to one’s life and daily activities.

The addiction of alcohol makes men very irresponsible and unable to take care of their families. The increase of streets children is due to family breakups facilitated by the effects of alcoholism.This has resulted to increase of many single mothers across the world due to marriage breakup caused by domestic violence against women. Alcoholism is the main cause of domestic violence against women in our families. The marriages cannot be maintained at all if the woman in the family is alcoholic , because she will not take care of the family.This has resulted to many men looking for side-chicks to take care of them.This also will definitely lead to family and marriage separation.

The escalating cases of accidents on our roads today are associated with alcoholism. The dreams of kids and youth are cut off prematurely by these accidents. The severe threats on our roads today due to fatal accident is alcoholism. We can reduce fatal accidents on our roads by stopping alcoholism. Liver cirrhosis and serious heart diseases are caused by alcoholism, click here!

Alcohol addiction has led to large percentage of unemployment because when it holds you captive you are not able to meet the set deadlines and goals. Alcoholics behaviors are not acceptable in the society, that why employers do not want to hire them to avoid tarnishing company reputation.This poses a serious negative economic effect in our families, society and country at large.

 The social, physical and mental health is negatively affected by alcoholism. Your personal life and public relations are distorted and even your friend does not want to be associated with you. Due to the hazardous effects of alcohol, it good to stop drinking. You can not manage life if you are an alcohol addict. You need the help of a rehab professional to cease from alcohol addiction, because it is not always easy to break the captivity of alcoholism. Know more about alcohol addiction at this website

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